The Missing Semester

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Take ownership of your financial future

Your dreams are closer than you think. Each day presents a new opportunity to build the path that leads to financial success, but you have to take the first step. Learn how to navigate the world of personal finance and take that first step towards your dreams today. The Missing Semester provides a short course on the essentials for making wise financial decisions and gaining financial freedom.

Changing lives, one reader at a time

The Missing Semester addresses what may be the single most important factor affecting Americans' lifestyles in the 21st century. Jesse R. Ligo
Westminster College
The Missing Semester gives young adults the facts on how to manage and take ownership of their finances. This book is a gift every graduating student should receive. Richard A. Dioli
Sacred Heart Schools
The Missing Semester should be required reading for all college students. Too often the practical side of finance and economics is minimized in the classroom. Jay W. Sukits
University of Pittsburgh

Success — Starts with a plan

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Build your understanding of important Personal Finance topics.


Apply your knowledge and use tools to understand your current financial situation.


Build a Financial Plan to help reach your goals.


Put your plan into action and ask questions along the way!

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